SimplePong Generic

SimplePong Generic 1.3

Fun game for Java (J2ME) phones based on the classic Pong

Pit your wits against your mobile in this classic ball bouncing game. There are three levels of difficulty and two different games types for you to try.

Press 1 or 2 to play each of the different game types (Simple Pong and Gravity Pong). To change the difficulty level press 0, during the game you can press 5 to pause.

You control the paddle on the left of the screen, and your mobile controls the one on the right, use the up and down softkeys to move your paddle and hit the ball. The speed of deflection depends on where the ball hits the paddle, the closer to the paddle ends, the faster the ball deflects.

SimplePong Generic


SimplePong Generic 1.3

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    Thanks for the tip. The program's been duly updated..   More.

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    "PC download workaround"

    Free download to PC is set up incorrectly. You get: but you a...   More.